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The Shudders


SAT 10TH MAY, 2014 8PM


Avast me'earty!

You have found yer way to Pyrates! we be a sea faring band of musical marauders, sailing from th’ shores of the olde lowlands of Holland to rowdy ports across the world! A notorious band of buccaneers, who’ve imposed their own brand of pirate themed folk music to fellow pirates an’ unfortunate landlubbers across tha’ seas themselves! Able bodied bawdy balladeers armed wi’ Guitar, Bass, Drums an' Fiddle. Dressed in full pirate costume an’ all in tha' quay of ARRRR!


With energy, driving rhythm and heart felt melodies The Shudders combine their melee of music influence to produce a refreshing brand of indie-country-rock.

Vocal harmonies, screaming guitar, warm acoustic and a commanding rhythm section with which to weave their rich tapestry of noise from. Its’ a tapestry which could be a described as a ‘Crazy Horse - Bright Eyes – Wilco’ for those weaving enthusiasts out there.

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