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LONDON: Cafe Oto

TUE 24TH JUN, 2014 8:00pm

Belgian pianist Stephane Ginsburgh returns to Cafe OTO to perform two of Feldman's late-period masterworks for solo piano.

For Bunita Marcus (1985)
Triadic Memories (1981)

"My past experience was not to 'meddle' with the material, but use my concentration as a guide to what might transpire. I mentioned this to Stockhausen once when he had asked me what my secret was. 'I don't push the sounds around.' Stockhausen mulled this ove, and asked: 'Not even a little bit ?' "

Morton Feldman's own words are simply as valuable for the composer than for the interpreter. As his music slowly draws you towards silence - as some of Beethoven's or Schubert's late pieces do by process of atomization or repetition - you realize how useless it is to try to 'make' anything, to push it against it's own will. Here you will learn something about any interpretation, about any piece: ask the music first and use your concentration. Playing or listening to Morton Feldman bring you back to the very rare moments when you look at a bright starry Summer night, unable to measure its size because it is beyond your sense, a sense of infinity within a finite space." -Stephane Ginsburgh

Please bring cushions, pillows or whatever you need to make yourself comfortable for the extended duration. You will be welcome to come and go (quietly) during the performance.

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