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PORTSMOUTH: The Square Tower

SAT 15TH NOV, 2014 Doots Open 7:15pm

£10.00 + £1.00 Booking fee = £11.00

16 tickets available

All ages

(There will be a standing area for those that want to dance!)

Fresh from their sold out triumphant Xmas show with us back in December, those loveable scamps The Curst Sons caused such a stir in the Square Tower with their stomping "Curstabilly" sounds that we were inundated with requests asking us to get them back again! So here they are returning by popular demand and ready to rouse Henry VIII's spirit from it's present slumbers!

Started in 1998 by three Brighton UK music veterans The Curst Sons play their own original compositions cut with a few distinctive arrangements of vintage songs. The inspiration is the pre-Rock & Roll American world of Blues, Gospel, and Old Time and their sound has been described as Hillbilly Blues, Country Punk, or even Bluegrass Thrash Skiffle.

Call it what you like, it's infectious good-time party music, leavened with the occasional dark ballad or wistful waltz.

Band members have played in many Brighton groups over the years, including the short lived but wonderfully named Cow Division. Dave Simner and Willi Kerr (along with international blues stomper John Crampton) were members of Brighton legends Daddy Yum Yum -who imperiously turned down a record deal with Pete Waterman before slouching back into obscurity.

Willi Kerr (vocals, percussion). Born on Mersea Island on the marshy fringes of Essex, Willi abandoned his farming roots and took to the sinful ways of the city. Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (an incurable cancer of the bone marrow) in 1998 he was given 5 days to live. Being a cantankerous old cuss he decided that this was the perfect time to re-launch his musical career, and The Curst Sons were born. Thanks to the healing power of hillbilly music he is now in the rudest of health.

Dave (Specky) Simner (banjo, lead guitar, vocals). Raised in the Black Country on a diet of heavy metal and motorbikes, Dave fled South till he hit the coast. He lost the long hair and leather jacket and soon became entangled in the Brighton music scene. He has played in more bands than he can remember and somehow took up the banjo. He also plays with his own 60's R&B outfit The Spectones, and leads music sessions for adults with learning disabilities.

Tim Dunkerley (slide guitar, mandolin, vocals). Tim's interest in music was first awakened by his father's lurid tales of wild living in a harmonica band on the minesweeper HMS Hound. Loath to leave his nautical upbringing Tim coast-hopped east from his Portsmouth home and eventually washed up on the beach at Brighton. He is a teacher/ facilitator with Unified Rhythm a samba/fusion marching band for young adults, including those with learning difficulties

Nominated for Best Americana Act in the British Country Music Awards 2010

Nominated for Best Alt Country Album in the Independent Music Awards 2011

The Curst Sons have released 5 CDs on their own Curst Mountain label, they also wrote and recorded the soundtrack for a video piece by artist Jack Strange exhibited at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York and supplied the soundtrack for the short film Horseboy Gets a Gun by Jane Couldrey. Their music can be heard on the downhill skateboarding film Road Buzz.

Take a peek at the review of the storming Xmas gig with us last year here:

People have said....

They do what great British bands have done over the years, taken the idea from America and made it much much better. Barry Marshall-Everitt, House of Mercy

One of the best, if most unlikely, acts to come out of Brighton - hands down - this brilliant trio plays bluegrass, gospel and rockabilly as if their lives and loves depended on it, mixing Americana classics with tuneful originals full of superior lyrics. Time Out

...absolutely fantastic. Mark Lamarr BBC RADIO 2

Got everybody jumpin'...a great band. Jonnie Walker BBC Radio 2

Their biggest appeal is that they manage to stay true to American folk music's rich lineage, while throwing in enough curve balls to piss off the folk puritanicals. Americana UK

£10.00 + £1.00 Booking fee = £11.00

16 tickets available

All ages