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MON 21ST APR, 2014 Doors open at 7.30 and show starts at 8

£10.00 + £1.00 Booking fee = £11.00

30 tickets available

18 and over

The Comedy Biscuit presents...THE DARK ROOM

After 4 million YouTube hits, three crowd-surfs, 4 death threats and sell-out shows from Edinbugh Fringe to Australia – cult hit THE DARK ROOM comes to London!

The Dark Room is a comedy night crossed with a panto, because The Dark Room is the world’s only LIVE-ACTION VIDEO GAME. It’s the audience vs The Evil Floating Head in a test of skill, wit and cunning. Imagine a choose-your-own-adventure mixed with a riot and performed by a Commodore 64. It’s strange, insane and addictive and there’s a £50 grand prize if you can beat the game and escape… THE DARK ROOM.

The Rules Are Simple:

1. Options will appear on a screen.

2. You call out the option you want.

3. The Head will tell you if you’re right, or dead.

4. In the end, everybody plays.

Performed by stand-up John Robertson, this is a surreal, incredible show for anyone who’s ever touched a video game, seen a video game, or has done neither of these things and is willing to be thoroughly disturbed.

With fans including Ian Livingstone (creator of Fighting Fantasy), Brendon Burns, Mark Watson, Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim) and Ron Gilbert (creator of Monkey Island), this is London’s new cult. BOW BEFORE YOUR FLOATING-HEADED GOD!

★★★★★ - The Skinny

★★★★★ – Broadway Baby

★★★★ - Steve Bennett, Chortle

★★★★ - The List
“Watching people tackle the challenge and fail is one of the funniest sights around. Don’t miss it.” – The Daily Telegraph

£10.00 + £1.00 Booking fee = £11.00

30 tickets available

18 and over