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LONDON: Bird of Smithfield

TUE 29TH JUL, 2014 Quiz starts at 7.30pm

Do you consider yourself a savvy foodie and enjoy the banter of a good quiz?

Do you thrive on the latest culinary gossip, restaurant openings and must-try foods?

Do you know your pho from your miso, your imam bayildi from your tzatzki, what on earth a criollo bean is used to make and where in the world you would eat pinxtos?

Flex your gastro-credentials with Sudi's Food Quiz at The Birdcage at Bird of Smithfield, every Tuesday evening from 10th June for an evening of delicious, witty and competitive entertainment to expand your culinary boundaries with prolific food writer, author of "How to be a Better Foodie" and quiz-mistress Sudi Pigott

£20.00 + £2.00 Booking fee = £22.00

9 tickets available

21 and over