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LONDON: The London Theatre

WED 1ST OCT, 2014 8pm

When Edward inherits the throne from his stern and all conquering father, he is determined to rule his way. To the horror of the lords and bishops he recalls his basely born male lover and demands even the proudest should stoop before his favourite. With a young son to protect, Queen Isabella finds herself ignored and humiliated by her erratic and emotional husband. Will Edward's actions push her into the arms of the power hungry and rebellious Mortimer?

Marlowe's action packed thriller brings to the stage England's most notorious monarch. Obsessed with his desires and disinterested in duty, the country is collapsing. Foreign powers stand on the verge of invasion as the nation's leaders are locked in deadly hate. Can you stay loyal to your king when he may destroy the country you love? Does monstrous treason become the only option? Will revenge, murder and rebellion leave Edward in a daily diet of heartbreaking sobs? As the rebels take arms, the country is led into a land as yet unknown. Marlowe's provocative and profound play asks us 'What are kings when regiment is gone, but perfect shadows in a sunshine day?'

Venture Wolf presents England's most mesmerising monarchs, infamous Queen and greatest traitor in a dangerous tale of power, loyalty and lust.

Please note: Venture Wolf reserves the right to film any performance.

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