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Ultimate Painting + Mickey Gloss + Phobophobes + Ruiners

LONDON: Brixton Windmill

SUN 17TH AUG, 2014 5pm

£7.00 + £0.70 Booking fee = £7.70

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The Scum, Rise! BBQ
To celebrate one of America’s most talked about new bands – Michigan’s PROTOMARTYR (Hardly Art Records) – playing here, we’ve assembled a fine crew of London postpunk bands and are throwing in a free BBQ!

"The best bands sound like everything you love and nothing you’ve heard. So it goes with Protomartyr, a Detroit quartet that seems to have ingested every classic post-punk record and evolved into a new kind of beast. The band’s forthcoming second album and Hardly Art debut, Under Color Of Official Right, is ripe with reference points for those so inclined; it encompasses everything from Wire, the Fall, and Pere Ubu to the Constantines, Iceage, and those early Spoon records when they sounded like Wire. They sprung from the same post-industrial primordial ooze that birthed Tyvek and Frustrations, but even in Detroit there’s no clear precedent for the racket they’re making. It is revolutionary music without an agenda, and if you live in North America or Europe, it’s coming soon to a dive bar near you." - STEREOGUM

"From Detroit, Protomartyr are arguably the best band that city has produced since The White Stripes...It's the sound of Detroit disintegrating." - Q Magazine

"relentlessly dark and propulsive...They paint a bleak picture but it is a vital one" - NME

"a surprisingly pleasurable dose of swaggering anomie" - THE GUARDIAN

"The overall strength of Under Color of Official Right doesn't come from its big words, Detroit cred, or works-cited page; it's from lyrics that, while fraught with symbolism, feel emotionally resonant and, sometimes, viscerally unpleasant. If you listen carefully to Casey's voice, this stuff can hit hard." - PITCHFORK (8.1)

The acclaimed "Under Color of Official Right" album is out now on Hardly Art Records".

Drop City was a community formed by a small group of American artists in 1965. It was the first real commune, pre-summer of love, inspired by the happenings of Allan Kaprow, Fluxos and John Cage. The artists' most celebrated collaboration was a piece they called 'The Ultimate Painting'.
Ultimate Painting are James Hoare and Jack Cooper. They're a band.
"James and I started talking about making music whilst we were on tour with our other bands. We'd known each other to say hello to for about 4 years and saw each other other regularly at shows in London. I'd always enjoyed seeing him and chatting, but I found him to be an tricky character; he had a habit of threatening to get me and being abusive. I took it as a sign of endearment"
The seeds of the band and friendship were sewn in Europe whilst Jack's band Mazes were on tour supporting James' band Veronica Falls.
"On returning, we began figuring out where we could take the whole thing and what sort of music we'd like to make. Demos were exchanged and we hit on some synergy in the songs we were sending each other. After a fairly disastrous first attempt at recording, we reconvened and recorded what became the song 'Ultimate Painting', a vague theme song for the band... everything began to fall into place; us both singing and playing guitar, me playing drums and James playing the bass. Our ethos was; if it wasn't working, don't push it; so some sessions ended before they began... oh and the music won't be touched my anything digital till it needs to go online or something"
Initial plans to record a couple of tracks together became an EP and then a full album which will be out via Chicago's Trouble In Mind (Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Jacco Gardner) this Autumn/Fall. They also debuted the live act in June with a tour supporting Parquet Courts.
The album, 5 songs from James and 5 from Jack, is very much a product of their collective taste...obviously. That's what records usually are right? Yo La Tengo, Red Krayola, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stereolab, Townes Van Zandt, Velvet Underground... some sense of space and feel. Some haze from Santyajit Ray films John Barry and Jack Nitzsche... Taking Tiger Mountain.
"But really there's no story apart from the fact we set out to do something and we did it."

Sophisticated man rock.

Dark funk from the capital city and fresh from supporting fellow nuts Fat White Family.

Sprawlingly infectious garage rock that whips and jerks in all the right directions touching on Bolan, Ty Segall and Fugazi on the way.

£7.00 + £0.70 Booking fee = £7.70

16 tickets available

18 and over