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LONDON: Apiary Studios

MON 24TH NOV, 2014 Monday to Friday 10:00 am

£150.00 + £6.00 Booking fee = £156.00

15 tickets available

All ages

As life in the modern world quickens, shallows, intensifies in quantity and not quality, having the tools to take control of perception means that you can deal with situations which until now, you thought were beyond your power to control, leading to a place where the deepest desires and their manifestation in the world are available in a state of real Freedom.

This workshop deals with techniques for Time Distortion, Hypnosis, Power Focus, Deep Concentration, and new ways of thinking fused with the best of the old. At the end of the week, you will be using a set of tools that will be the difference that makes the difference in your life, whatever you do, and you will be equipped to take part in an unprecedented performance using the techniques you have learned lasting 14 hours Ė taking you to places that you never actually even thought about dreaming of!

Andrew M. McKenzie, core of The Hafler Trio, Instructional Designer, Hypnotherapist, Mood Engineer and Maker of Strange Things guides you through the processes that will allow you to take control of the power in your life, from the basics to indications of where the advanced may well lie for you. Drawing on over 30 years of experimentation (learning painfully so you donít have to), research, practice and practical implementation with a wide range of disciplines and techniques dealing

with the REAL issues of power and control, a new relationship from a new set of perspectives with Technology and the Self becomes not only possible, but extremely desirable.

This workshop and performance will show you what you know, and what you donít know that you know!

No musical training or technical knowledge necessary.

£150 for 5 day workshop

All participants must commit to the full 5 days. This is important for building the group focus necessary for the work
There is very limited space for concession prices so please apply to to apply and please make a case for how much you are able to pay and why.

Sunday 23.11/14 19:00 Q&A discussion/ Taster £3

Andrew McKenzie will give a brief summary about his project and speak

about the relationship between education and creativity. opportunity to ask any questions.

Copies of his book " ''''''' " will also be on sale

Here is your

1800 Saturday 29.11/14 - 7:00 Sunday Morning
Final Performance free entry
14 hour performance culminating from 5 day workshop will be open to the public.

£150.00 + £6.00 Booking fee = £156.00

15 tickets available

All ages