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From The Kites of San Quentin

MANCHESTER: Soup Kitchen

SUN 23RD NOV, 2014 Doors at 7.30pm

Grey Lantern are delighted to be teaming up with The Beauty Witch to present the rich psychedelic pop of Grumbling Fur!

After The Quietus declared Grumbling Fur’s Glynnaestra (Thrill Jockey) to be their favourite album of 2013, the duo of Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker approached the label with a view to putting out some music. Quietus editor John Doran says of the band; “Grumbling Fur are like a pair of cinematic mad scientists who have finally managed to combine two of the greatest things known to humanity - mind-expanding psychedelia and pure, life-affirming pop music.”

Grumbling Fur met when O’Sullivan was 17 and Tucker 21 through a shared passion for hardcore and metal, although their listening stretched outward to experimental music, jazz and post-rock. They embarked on various early musical endeavours together with other members of the hardcore scene and, after time apart, reconnected. The duo released their debut album Furrier in 2011.

Preternaturals is a sequence of nine glowing pop songs and abstract interludes influenced by Spacemen 3, Faust, Ram-era Paul McCartney, dub, Philip K Dick and the Preternaturals idea of “fear that human beings are outside of nature… everything can be elucidated by nature but that we don’t have access to that”.

Grumbling Fur have already gained a reputation for their live shows and, following the release of Preternaturals, the band promise more shows.

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