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LONDON : Drink, Shop & DO

TUE 21ST JUL, 2015 Playtime starts at 6pm

Itching to do comedy? Come scratch that itch monthly at Funny Women's Time of the Month sessions. Here you'll learn a few tricks of the trade, have fun and enjoy a little 'me' time!

Funny Women's Time of the Month is our new regular 'playtime' for all those of you who need a little help or boost of confidence in readiness to stand up and perform your first comedy routine. Run by industry professionals, you choose what you want to work on, whether it's exploring that sit com idea you've been mulling over, ironing out the kinks of your stand up set or giving improv a go. Got an idea for a sketch show, but no one to do it with? We've got it covered!

Whatever your comedy preferences, Funny Women provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for you to unleash your creativity and share ideas with like-minded women who have a passion for comedy. With support from some of the industry’s top comedy bods, you'll also have the chance to perform your comedy ideas in front of a friendly and supportive audience on the very same evening!

The next Time of the Month session will be at Drink, Shop & Do and here's what they're all about:

We're open from 9AM-2AM for Tea & Crumpets, Afternoon Tea & Cake, Cocktails & Dancing. In the evenings we hold 'DO's purely for your entertainment, these are mainly free and require no skills just a good sense of humour and a strong drink. On Friday's and Saturdays we have DJ's and dancing.

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30 tickets available

16 and over