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Steve Day

LONDON : The Grange

SUN 5TH APR, 2015 7.30pm doors / 8pm start

£5.00 + £0.50 Booking fee = £5.50

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14 and over

The UK's top deaf stand up comic Steve Day was witness to a crime. Little did he know that being deaf with no malice aforethought would make him the accused and a fugitive from justice. If he ever used to 'deaf it up' to get gigs and advancement and felt guilty about it, this was payback in the highest court in the land. Sort of...

“Steve Day Faces the Deaf Sentence" National Tour

* Steve Day is a truly unique comedian - warm, witty and engaging whilst dealing with the dilemmas of being a deaf man in a hearing world. Steve went on his first national tour back in 2006, and has since been performing across the world to critical acclaim.

* As well as his previous 4 national tours Steve is just finishing a year long stint supporting Gary Delaney.

* gave him five stars in 2007 for Deafy's Island Discs, a show The Sunday Times called 'Funny and Moving'. This show toured the UK in 2008, Steve's third national tour of the UK, and has been performed in several countries in Europe and even translated into Italian.

* Steve is a familiar voice on Radio 4, Steve has appeared many times on You and Yours, was a token man on Woman's Hour, has appeared in two radio dramas, All Fingers and Thumbs with Bill Nighy, whom he punched dramatically, and Sound Barriers with Patricia Routledge and Caroline Quentin, both of whom he was prevented from punching.

'Revelatory and very funny' The Guardian

'Wonderful' Bath Chronicle

'Warm, funny, frank and thought-provoking' The Scotsman

'The best comedy often comes from real-life observations, something that Day had down to a T' Brighton Argus

'A very different kind of comedy ... something which Day seems particularly proud of, and so he should be' Three Weeks

'A hilarious, hard-of-hearing, heavenly host' Time Out Comic's Choice

'Has a self-effacing charm which endears him to audiences' Chortle

Tickets are £5 in advance only available on WeGotTickets until 6pm on 5/4/15 after then email to see if we have any spares or returns

£5.00 + £0.50 Booking fee = £5.50

13 tickets available

14 and over