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READING: South Street Arts Centre

SAT 20TH JUN, 2015 Doors at 8pm

BROKER (brighton, uk)

super tight trio blastin out a ferocious sound with more twists and turns than a twisty turny thing. faster than linford christie; harder than purple aki; more chops than guy martin.

KICK NURSE (brighton, uk)

syncopated rhythms and glittering notes blanket hushed spoken verse; unaware that we teeter on the edge sudden blasts of discordance, rage and fury will cast us into the void. "what magik." dance to the flames.

ARSENIO (reading, uk)

ARSENIO are an unassuming guitar and drum duo from the burbs of reading who play a form of glistening high powered sportsmusic. chug and squall and syncho rumble. math rock scribbled on a napkin, more than the sum of its parts, an equation that does not equate. sprawling and restless riff monster compojams that hide their tracts of melody like an ogre hides his heart. that lodge their spawn nestled in your ears and leave them to hatch and grow up in your brain. enjoy.

£4.00 + £0.40 Booking fee = £4.40

30 tickets available

14 and over