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LONDON: Passing Clouds

TUE 13TH OCT, 2015 6:30pm

£7.00 + £0.70 Booking fee = £7.70

tickets are available

All ages

“The day will come when history will speak…Africa will write its own history…it will be a story of glory and dignity” - Patrice Lumumba

Tendai mwari Queens and Kings, Sisters and Brothers, Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready for the BIG one! Carpe Diem Events has teamed up with Galaxy Radio to bring you yet another knock-out event for Congo so get ready for an evening of empowerment and Edutainment! We’ll be focussing on the great happenings within the Black community in London and standing in soliarty with Congo…check out who we have lined up for you.

Galaxy Radio

Yes - the only de-brainwashing station are stepping away from the airwaves and bringing their vibes to the stage! For over 30 years this award-winning radio station has worked hard to inform, entertain and educate the Black community with engaging shows using music, comedy, discussions and more in the spirit of Ubuntu: I AM BECAUSE WE ARE. WE BECAUSE I AM


Nebula Nebula

The artist who uses her paint brush as a sword is back! The creativity of this multi-talented artist goes from strength to strength at an inspiring rate so keep up! The beautiful and distinctive art that she creates from the poetry, performances, presentations and energy at this event just gets better and better and is a perfect reflection of all those who attend and the atmospher. Make sure you’re at this event to be part of the art and witness the magic.



The legend of spoken word is returning to the Carpe Diem stage to tear it up once again! This performer and master of the stage is an inspiration to many and it’s easy to see why effortlessly draws the audience into his world using his unique and distinct style that somehow manages to arrest yet electrify at the same time. Be prepared to be taken on a journey that meanders through spoken word, clever rhymes and music that seems timeless and at the same time a social commentary….you’ll be left hanging on his every word.

OneNess Sankara

The multi-talented singer, songwriter, author and spoken word artist that is none other than OneNess Sankara is back to the stage. Dynamic, raw, witty and engaging; this is just a small taster of what to expect from this seasoned performer who easily has audiences in the plam of her hand. No subject is safe from her pen which transforms into words full of power and impact…’ve been warned

Nat Nye

Make way this very instance for the return of the one who brought you ‘Poetic Alchemist’ and 'Not Waiting on my Purpose’ from the hotly anticipated EP 'Poetic Temple’….Ladies and gents, no stranger to Carpe Diem and a long time supporter, Nat Nye - poet, spoken word artist, social commentator, Edutainer and channeler of wisdom and knowledge from the Universe! If that’s not enough to get you rushing to buy tickets I don’t know what is! This performer takes you into the galactic realm and offers another perspective of our experience in the here and now; simply put, his poetry is a reminder to us all that we are GODS!

Raspect Fyahbingi

“Round here we say Tendai, Tendai”…..If you’re not familiar with these lyrics then mate you must be living under a rock! This serious force of energy lights fires of revolution and empowerment on stages everywhere, spreading flames of hope, knowledge of self and resistance through lyrics bursting with pride and passion.

Community presentation from….

Voyage To Motherland

Stella Bellgam will be gracing the stage again and doing a presentation on Voyage To Motherland. Its mission is to embark on a spiritual journey back to our ancestral home in the continent of Africa, the birthplace of the human race via the African DNA, the heaven on Earth. We believe in the spirit of Sankofa (to reach back and get it). In order for us to elevate holistically as beings, it is essential to return from where we came. We seek to master our mind, body and soul through exploration of ancient and alternative practices from people such as the Dogon priests of West Africa and the Bedouin nomads of Egypt. We will be actually tasting the baobab fruit from the tree of life located in countries such as Ghana and seeking powerful herbs such as Moringa that can heal, nourish and connect us to the Earth, the Ether and the Universe.

Music from….

Sid Mercutio

Yes, the DJ who is the most recent addition to this events and been bringing that good old skool vibes and are we liking it or are we liking it? Sid Mercutio is not only one of the DJs at Got Soul - London’s only weekly soul lounge - but also a producer and performer who shines on the stage! Imagine What could possibly better than chilling, networking and simply being whilst the listening to some good ole old skool hip hop, soul with a splash of an afro groove here and there! If you can’t wait until this event kicks off then click on the link below to plug in and zone out!

Food, Glorious food!

Okay, if you haven’t tried the fod here, you’re missing out big time! There’s a feast for the eyes alone with the the colours and range of new vegan dishes to try out so just imagine what a tantalising treat this is for your tastebuds?! Think stews, rice, cous-cous, pealr barley and/or quinoa salad, rainbow salad….mmm! There’s something special about people gathering to eat together and this event provides the space for it. Come along right after work and grab a plate of fresh food made with seasonal, fairtrade and organic products for only £3, yes, £3!

Panzi Hospital

10% of the door money will go towards this hospital, foundation anfd orphange based in eastern Congo. Our support so far has enabled Dr Denis Mukwege to train up 4 more surgeons who operate on fistulas which allows him to carry out his activist work. Also, our support is helping more and more women to break the silence on rape and demand justice which is great so let’s keep up the good work!

£7.00 + £0.70 Booking fee = £7.70

tickets are available

All ages