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BASINGSTOKE: Rooksdown Community Centre

SUN 20TH DEC, 2015 4:00pm

Once there was a girl... and a wolf.

Scarlett leaves her tiny village behind and heads for the bright lights of the big city, but something follows her, something big and hungry. Could there be wolves in the city?

She sees them everywhere but no-one else seems to notice; perhaps because they wear three-piece suits and smoke cigars. Oh no, these are not the wolves you find in the forest, these are very, very different and very, very dangerous...

James doesn’t understand why he’s so tired. He goes to bed early every night, but each morning he wakes up feeling as if he has spent the night-time running through the streets. James grew up in the big city, but now longs to be in the forest. He doesn’t know why, but when the moon is full he feels different...

Then, one day, Scarlett and James meet, and the wheels of fate are set in motion.

Proteus create a thrilling, hauntingly beautiful and contemporary version of the classic Little Red Riding Hood.

Funny, scary, action packed and featuring the hallmarks of Proteus’ highly acclaimed and much loved family shows.

Not suitable for under 5’s.

£1.00 + £0.10 Booking fee = £1.10

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All ages