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How does a mailing list invite work? » 

Staying informed: when you buy a ticket from us we'll ask you on screen if you'd like to join the mailing list of the organiser or artist you have just bought tickets for so they can get back in touch with you about the other things they are up to. If you don't respond to this we'll also get in touch by email the day after the event takes place, but if you have said no (or yes!) already we won't hassle you again.

If you don't respond, the invite will be available in your account from the moment you buy your tickets until a month after the event has taken place, but after that we will assume that you don't want to sign up and remove the invite.

We're not asking if we can share your contact information with any mobile phone companies or anyone that might want to offer you a loan - we know how frustrating that can be and would never consider passing your details to those kind of third parties. All we are really asking is if you'd like to hear from the artist, venue, or event organiser of the event you bought tickets for - meaning they can keep you up-to-date about their upcoming events. Not so bad, see?