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Buy tickets for music, comedy, theatre, film, festivals and much more - with the best service in UK ticketing

Here at WeGotTickets we have a long background in event promotion, venue management, and artist management.

We originally created the system because we wanted an online ticket outlet of our own, and we pioneered a paperless ticket system based on reference numbers. This was back at the turn of the century, when it was a new and strange idea. Now it has become commonplace.

Because we used it to sell our own tickets, we knew exactly what was needed, and the service was so popular and worked so well that other venues and promoters started using it, liked it, and recommended it, too.

We've continued to develop the site based on feedback from our ticket buying customers, promoters and venues, to make it uniquely user-friendly to both ticket buyers and sellers.

Today we work with over 18,000 venues and promoters across the UK.

Because we came from where you are, we understand your needs.

Like you, we are happy to pay a small charge for the convenience of booking online - but we know when we're being ripped off. We operate a ticketless system. This means we use less paper. It also saves postage, saves time waiting for the post, saves money and saves everyone from looking for lost tickets!

So, what makes us unique?

  • If you're an event organiser we'll work with you no matter how many tickets you want to sell – whether it be 50 or 5000. With us size doesn't matter!

  • Our staff are helpful – we make it their business to make sure the information you receive from us is clear, easy to understand and gets to you as fast as possible.

  • We act quickly – we're small enough to act on your suggestions and queries straight away but also big enough to create the infrastructure to incorporate them.

  • The people behind WeGotTickets today have a unique combination of skills and experience. They've owned venues, promoted and organised events, put on festivals and worked in all areas of web design and development.

WeGotTickets… We think of a ticket as a way to gain access to almost anything, and although we sell many tickets to music and arts events we can sell tickets to admit you or your customers to ALL:

  • Events – Performances, exhibitions, school events.

  • Courses – Academic, residential and online.

  • Gatherings – Battle re-enactments, fanclubs and conferences.

  • Festivals – Music, food and ale.

  • Sport – Runs, matches, club membership and competitions.

If you have any comments or questions, email us on – we'll be happy to help.