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Stag and Hounds and Mothers Ruin, Bristol

9th and 10th Oct - 8pm. 18 and over

The Stag & Hounds and PROBO Titans get together to bring you a 2 day math rock extravaganza, MATHIOLYMPICS!
Bristol Mothers Ruin:
£5.00 + £0.50 Booking fee = £5.50


Quadrupede are a little two piece math Ėrock/electronic outfit hailing from France. Their disparaging influences call to mind Kashiwa Daisuke, And So I Watch You From Afar, and 65daysofstatic. Itís an interesting whirlwind of electronics, wild percussion, and piano that works well because of the palpable energy present during each and every second.

**Town Portal**

While not precisely a metal band, Danish instrumentalists Town Portal fit in nicely with the metal demographic as a heavier version of most post-rock and a lighter version of most post-metal, sort of the criminally underrated Cancer Conspiracy, coupled with a combination of both Russian Circles and Shellac.

**Iran Iran**

One of Bristols favourite math heros, Iran Iran return to the Stag once again! If you don't know them, you should. Links below.


Catchy, positive doom from Brighton


Porshyne are a heavy atmospheric rock band based in Brighton. Stylistically they incorporate elements from a variety of genres including Prog, Math-Rock and Electronic music, with their extreme dynamics afforded by a line-up comprising three guitars, bass, drums, and vocals.

**Hoggs Bison**

Up and coming Bristolian math rockers!



dialects plural of di-a-lect, Noun
A particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group. aka math.
"The bandís technical ability is nothing short of incredible, the instrumental four-piece jump through odd times flawlessly, building a complex and spacey wall of sound" - Rave Child

**Waking Aida**

With moments of Explosions in the Sky-style splendor flowing gracefully with the odd but exhilarating time signatures, their off-kilter approach has to be applauded. Itís an electrifying roller coaster of a listen. - Spectral Nights


Lamborn deliver a stunning blend of glistening dual-guitar meets class-act rhythm section driven Instrumental "Surf Prog". Big ambient sounds, dance-able grooves. Incredible live show.


Charivari is a band that creates an expansive sound, blending infectious melody with ethereal soundscapes and abrasive noise.