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We know you're a kind bunch and will often buy tickets for your friends, family, partners or kids so yes, in most cases, you certainly can transfer the tickets to someone else (we call this 'reallocation' and would strongly recommend doing this if you will not be attending the event yourself).

Our reallocation function is designed specifically for cases where you have purchased the tickets for someone else or where you've bought tickets for a group but won't all be arriving together. It can also be used if you are unable to attend an event, allowing you to reallocate your tickets to a friend or relative who can attend in your place.

To reallocate your ticket, log in to your WeGotTickets account here and click on 'my tickets' then 'reallocate'. For most events (except those with Limited or No reallocation) you can reallocate tickets up until midnight on the day before the event (or midnight on Thursday for events between Friday and Sunday).

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