Frequently Asked Questions

Where concessionary tickets are listed, these can be purchased by:

  • Seniors 65 and over
  • Students
  • Children 14 and under, where Film Cert allows [under 5s go free!]
  • Jobseekers

Proof of status may be requested on entry

Carers Tickets?

Carers of those with a disability, learning difficulties or special needs can attend our events for FREE please

Contact Nomad Cinema
when booking if required.

Just like The Lexi Cinema, The Nomad financially supports the fantastic work of trailblazing charity, The Sustainability Institute.
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I want to buy tickets

I already have tickets


What does 'No reallocation' mean? » 

This means the reallocation facility is not available and you can no longer transfer your tickets into another person's name. For most events you can reallocate tickets up until midnight on the day before the event (or midnight on Thursday for events between Friday and Sunday).

In some cases the event organiser, venue, or sometimes the artist themselves, has specifically requested the reallocation function be turned off. The reason for this could be that the event is high profile, secret or a fan club show.

In this situation the person who originally bought the tickets must attend the event themselves together with all other members of the party. We're unable to make exceptions, so please ensure you can attend before buying tickets where there is 'no reallocation'.

No, it's none of those things above. I need help with something else.