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LONDON: The Proud Archivist

WED 15TH OCT, 2014 7:30pm

£9.00 + £0.90 Booking fee = £9.90

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All ages

An intriguing setting for the beauty of Land Observations.

Land Observations (aka the musician and artist, James Brooks) will release The Grand Tour on 28 July 2014. This is the follow up to 2012's critically acclaimed debut album, Roman Roads IV-XI and, where that was concerned with the roads of communication and conquest that stretched across the former Roman Empire and Republic, the new album creates an imaginary travelogue through Western, Central and Southern Europe with reference to the historic Grand Tour, a traditional rite of passage for affluent University graduates, finding popularity in the 18th century and commencing the idea of 'tourism' as we can come to know it.

On The Grand Tour, the landscape gives inspiration to the speed, pace and momentum of the journey and on the final track, 'Return To Ravenna', a beginning and an end is at once signalled. It's the end of the tour, and the beginning of the journey home - a track with an intentional reference to Land

Observations' debut, album, where Brooks celebrated 'Via Flaminia', the Roman road between Rome and Ravenna, once a major city in classical culture. Listen here to Return To Ravenna:

For the The Grand Tour's artwork James Brooks has made a series of postcard drawings which utilise various found tourist and holiday postcards. Directly responding to each postcard's unique design layout, he has produced a series of abstract, geometric drawings of only their specific surface areas and design skeleton.

Recently Brooks guested on Simon Fisher Turner's Ivor Novello Award winning score for the BFI restoration of The Epic Of Everest (dir. Captain John Noel, 1924) and has performed the score live at the London Film Festival world premiere, Trento Film Festival in Italy and the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer for the new album here:

Praise for Roman Roads IV-XI

MOJO: "metronomic intensity"

Q: "understated, fragile beauty"

The Quietus: featured in their albums of the year

Dazed Digital: "With historical and topographical interests colliding and creating a conceptual stream of soft tracks, Land Observations soaks up its surrounding environment and projects a visual reaction."


Sea Majesty

Seamajesty is James Yates, but not necessarily in the same order.

Seamajesty produces dense experimental pop with clever rhythms and melodies for people with short attention spans.

The seeds for Seamajesty were sown in Leeds in 2008 with a solo show looping live drums, vibraphone and keyboards. this is something which as Seamajesty he will be returning to in 2013, now with added sampler, guitar and five years of hardened real world musicianship.

Seamajesty represents all that's good about James Yates, and some of the bad too. And by bad, I mean good, obviously (keep up). If you lol at the pop expermentations of Godley & Creme, like your synth dreams Tangerine and your drum fills Collins, then keep an eye out for upcoming Seamajesty tours and releases.

£9.00 + £0.90 Booking fee = £9.90

42 tickets available

All ages
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