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Candi's Dog

LEICESTER: The Musician

FRI 6TH MAR, 2015 Doors open 8pm

Aided by many late nights and a plentiful supply of hard liquor, Ben would often sing Johnny Cash songs to his mates, strumming along on acoustic guitar. Being a drummer first, it took a bit of coaxing from family and friends before Ben decided to take the Cash alter-ego seriously. "I have always felt a bit weird about pretending to be anyone else other than myself, so the concept of being Johnny Cash didn't really appeal", says Ben. "People were continuously telling me I had to do something with all this Cash stuff, so I decided I would start taking it more seriously, but the word tribute was key. I would pay my respects to the man by getting his stuff out there again; reaching out to established and new fans, but in no way would I try to be him."

Candi's Dog
With their catchy rhythms and rousing harmonies, Candi's Dog leave listeners of all tastes feeling happy and humming their melodies. They have many influences but stand out as a unique three piece ready to introduce their sound to the world's stage! Having supported international bands and played at festivals and in venues across the UK, Candi's Dog are a must see for any music fan.

In 2015 Candi's Dog will release their first studio album - Watch this space!

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