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LONDON : Scala

SUN 9TH NOV, 2014 Doors 7:30pm

£17.00 + £1.70 Booking fee = £18.70

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TAMIKREST embody the spirit of a fiercely independent people with their unique Saharan sounds - a 21st century rock group who just happen to live in the middle of the desert’ says Mojo magazine about this young band from the North of Mali.

When TAMIKRESTstepped onto the scene in 2010 the stakes were raised. They took generators deep into the desert in search of the perfect synthesis of their traditional chants, ritual drumming and loping rhythms with the music of their heroes Pink Floyd and Bob Marley.

The hypnotic dub, a psychedelic blues and an almost supernatural kind of desert garage mixed with the enchanted ancient mystique of their songs is described by the Quietus as ‘a super sound, with an effortless, yet focused groove’. It captures the ear immediately.

‘All credit to TAMIKREST for taking the Tuareg sound in brilliant new directions" says Songlines magazine. ’Nowadays, Tamikrest hold up the torch high and lead the way towards something one might call ‘Tuareg Indie’.

'Chatma' is the latest album by TAMIKREST. It is a fully persuasive sonic document and is filled with sober reflection, moral indignation, musical experimentation, cultural celebration - and the kick of rock and roll. 'Chatma' translates as "Sisters" and the band have dedicated the album, in their own words, to "the courage of the Tuareg women, who have ensured both their children's survival and the morals of their fathers and brothers."

9/10 Louder Than War
8/10 Uncut
**** Q
**** Mojo
**** The Guardian
**** Time Out (Album of The Week)
**** Financial Times
**** The Independent on Sunday
***** Music-News
***** Irish Times
***** Songlines

" Chatma sets a new standard for the genre." ***** Irish Times

" Tamikrest are fast evolving into a multi-faceted, versatile musical unit." **** musicOMH

"Tamikrest bring you an album of quite superb quality with songs and melodies that are set to etch themselves into your mind." 9/10 Louder Than War

" With trance-inducing drones, Nashville-evoking steel guitars and space-rock solos, this is the desert-blues album for fans of Can and Pink Floyd to sink their teeth into." **** Mojo

" Tamikrest are the brightest young contenders among the new Tamashek-speaking desert blues bands mixing traditional styles with elements of indie rock ... The music is anything but bleak, driven on by sturdy bass, insistent percussion, and gently driving and inventive guitar work from lead singer Ousmane Ag Mossa,." **** The Guardian

"War, destruction and political strife have blighted the homeland of Saharan rockers Tamikrest for decades. It’s a struggle that has left the group living in exile in Algeria, but has also fuelled their musical fire, investing their fusion of Hendrixian distorted blues rock and traditional Saharan music with a rare passion and aggression ... It’s an album about something other than girls and depression, it’s about struggle, pain and the power of music: something we could all do with being reminded of every once in a while." **** Time Out London (Album of the Week)

"The group's skills have been learned by playing hour after hour in desert tents, or late at night under starlight by campfire, electric guitars powered by generators, and the recordings capture these exotic textures. Despite everything that is going on their lives Tamikrest never resort to anger – theirs is a message of peace and hope." The Quietus

"Chatma is a varied and potent mix ranging from the typically loping circular blues of the opening 'Tisnant An Chatma', to the rock-steady rhythm that drives 'Itous', and even a trip into psychedelia with the Pink Floydesque 'Assikal'." **** R2

"Tamikrest venture boldly into the realm of something we might call 'Touareg indie', adding to the core desert-blues sound a range of psych-guitar effects, garage beats, dub and funk .... All credit to Tamikrest for taking the sound in brave and brilliant new directions."
***** Songlines (Top of the World Album)

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£17.00 + £1.70 Booking fee = £18.70

tickets are available

16 and over