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EDINBURGH: Transgression Park

SAT 13TH DEC, 2014 7.30pm

£10.00 + £1.00 Booking fee = £11.00

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Please check the age limit for this event

Welcome to our sixth event at Transgression Skate Park!

This event is suitable for everyone aged 8 and over.

There will be team and individual games, culminating in the mother of all "Free for Alls"!

Feel free to bring any blasters - (if it's been modded please let us know when you arrive). NOTE - Nerf Mega blasters cannot be catered for as they use bigger darts.

If you can "run and gun" with it then bring it along. If you can't fix it if it jams, please don't bring it :)

What you need to bring:

- Protective eyewear (there will be some on sale for 4 on the night)
- your blaster(s) - please write your name on your blasters!
- refreshments - although there are vending machines on site (no alcohol please!)
- flat soled shoes for scampering around the ramps!
- bags of energy - you'll need it!

What you don't have to bring:

- darts - we provide all the Elite darts :)

Blasters for hire on the night:
5 regular size
10 large size.

Safety briefing starts at 19:45 sharp - games finish 22:00.
If you've never been before you'll have to sign a disclaimer before using the park so please allow time for this.

Boring stuff....
Please note there are no refunds on these tickets. This event will be video recorded - buying a ticket means you agree to this.

£10.00 + £1.00 Booking fee = £11.00

no tickets available

Please check the age limit for this event