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We've been working since our inception way back in 2000 to use as little paper as possible, and ensure our ticket system is environmentally friendly. A study published in March 2013 demonstrates the advantages of our system over a paper ticket sent in the post - and to a print-at-home ticket or printed confirmation email.

View the full report here.

A paper ticket sent in the post emits 107 times more carbon than our system, when the email is not printed. When a confirmation email is printed it produces 42 times more carbon than if it wasn't - so we're asking all our customers not to print their confirmation emails.

Just think, we could fill the O2 Arena (20,000 tickets) and emit less carbon than a printed ticket event selling just 186 tickets would.

Please help us do our bit for the environment: do not print your confirmation email when buying from us - reducing carbon emissions, that's the ticket!

Look at all the steps involved in getting a paper ticket to you...

...compared to the simplicity, and environmental friendliness, of our system